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Our goal is to make your stay your time of booking decision until departure. Adapt your desires that the Guadeloupe can offer, whether of hiking, beaches, diving mask and snorkel palm, visiting museums, local restaurant in the granny who prepares excellent dishes on the roadside, but also's most renowned tables, you present this nature so generous ....
The evening of your arrival we will organize a cocktail aperitif, to get to know orgnaniser but especially for your vacation. The first morning we offer you breakfast and, if you wish, we will visit the district Sofaïa, the city of Santa Rosa and the various beaches (including nudist beach for amateurs).
During your stay we can make you breakfast, but you can also prepare yourselves, because your house will be equipped with a kitchen. You have to do laundry no worries we will do it ...
Our welcom is our real asset, our knowledge of the Guadeloupe (installed here since 2011), enriched by the experience of our many customers, we will guide you to the best during your stay.
We are among Boys ... so no discomfort between us.

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