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Guadeloupe, Basse Terre,

Sainte Rose, Sofaïa.


Guadeloupe is an archipelago in the Caribbean, bordered on one side by the Caribbean Sea on the other by the Atlantic Ocean. She has an exceptional tropical climate: average temperature of 27 ° and very little variation throughout the year make it a dream destination for a holiday in the sun.
Guadeloupe, "the island Butterfly" by its form, is the main island of the archipelago of islands of Guadeloupe: Basse Terre, the wild island, Grande Terre, the tourist island postcard beaches, The Saintes, the quiet, Marie Galante, the authentic and Désirade, the island out of time. Petite Terre well, natural.

Basse  Terre

The National Park, located in the heart of Basse Terre, is one of the largest national parks in France. There is the Soufriere volcano, which rises to 1467 meters, but also many waterfalls such as Carbet Waterfalls, rivers, hot springs and rivers which offer exceptional rides to nature lovers. A tropical rainforest 17 000 ha declared a National Park since 1989 covers the mountains. Lush vegetation that houses a fauna and an exceptional flora including over 3,000 species of trees and that gives the island of Basse-Terre it so wild and so preserved.

Sainte  Rose

Sainte-Rose is a town that has kept its agricultural and artisanal fishing. You can visit distilleries and rum museum.
The fishing port, treat yourself with a visit of the great ass duffle bag, a lagoon of 15 000 ha nature reserve.
For fans of the beach, the coast between Ste-Rose and Deshaies offers a wide selection of the best beaches each other. A footpath will discover coves accessible only on foot. Stroll in the small tourist town of Deshaies and visit its famous botanical garden, or out for the day to explore the major attractions of the island.


Sofaïa is located at 6km on Sainte-Rose heights bordering the national park. This area focuses a superb panoramic view of the lagoon of the great ass duffle bag.
The town has built the ancient sulfur spring. There are some time yet, St. Rose of locals and some visitors, bathed in this providential water, some said it was miraculous! Today, fully equipped, hot spring flows to many taps and feeds a large shower!
Guadeloupean Sofaïa speak of as the place where you can breathe thanks to its 4 and 5 degrees less than in plain and natural ventilation.

 Zephyr's  Gardens

Zephyr's Gardens are 10 min. walk sulfur baths, 400 m from the Guadeloupe National Park, high on a bleak broken down to 278 m, in a quiet residential area, on a plot of 3500 m2.
Here you will be with the West Indians, far from the tourist bustle, but close to the NATURE.

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